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Mechanical and chemical pre -treatment

Aluminium handle The following possibilities of surface pre-treatments (according to DIN 17611 standards) are available:
E0 pickled,
E1 grinded,
E2 brushed,
E3 polished,
E4 brushed and grinded,
E5 grinded and polished,
E6 satinised (strongly pickled),
E7 electrochemically polished,
E8 mechanically polished + electrochemically polished,
E9 sanded.

Mechanical pre-treatments
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The aluminium profiles gain a special look with the mechanical surface treatment, for instance with polishing and grinding. Smaller flaws on the surface are namely removed, a unified look is created and the surface is prepared for further treatment (decorative surface).

  • Polishing

  • It is carried out automatically or manually. With the insignificant loss of material we achieve a smooth, bright surface without scratches and with high shine.

  • Grinding/brushing

  • With the procedure of grinding and/or brushing we can remove bigger flaws on the surface and unify its look.

    Aluminium handle Chemical pre-treatments

  • Degreasing

  • It occurs in three levels: pre-degreasing, degreasing and rinsing. The procedure removes different impurities from the aluminium surface, like oil and dirt.  

  • Etching – satinizing and pickling

  • Pickling is a chemical process, which happens in alkaline solutions. By implementing etching-satinising process the surface gets tarnishing look, which varies according to type of aluminium alloy, state of surface, temperature and handling time. The stated procedures are also used as a pre-treatment of anodizing.

  • Electrochemical polishing

  • The aluminium gains with it a shiny surface which is however very sensitive and therefore must proceed to the further treatment of anodizing as soon as possible.

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