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Aluminium handle The versatile use of aluminium is assured with its suitable surface protection as the raw aluminium oxidizes very quickly on air. We can essentially improve aluminium’s own protective ability to produce the natural oxide layer on the surface with the procedure of anodizing (eloxation). In this way treated surface of aluminium is resistant to weather, mechanical and some chemical influences.

The anodizing plant of Aluminium Kety Emmi is one of the most up-to-date lines of this kind in Europe. It is intended for anodizing of bulky components of the highest quality with the emphasis on special effects, like the colour of stainless steel and anodizing bright surfaces.

You aluminium will gain full value and practicability by anodizing in Aha Emmi.

Work pieces of the following maximum dimensions can be anodised: 3.600 x 650 x 1.550 mm oz. 3.600 x 600 x 1.550 mm za recepture z E0.

The following groups or looks of anodised surfaces are available:

  1. natural anodised surface,
  2. electrochemical colours according to EURAS (C31 – C35) (UV resistant),
  3. stainless steel colour – look and

  4. chemical colours (not UV resistant).

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