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Rolling - profile making

Anodized aluminium components One of the specialities of our manufacture, available to you, is certainly drawing profiles.
In the process of continually remodelling on the lines with enumerated cylinder tools in pairs the metal strip is gradually transformed into more or less demanding and wanted forms of open and closed profiles. You can also include extra precise strip treatments in the process of transformation, such Anodized aluminium components as: perforating, cutting out, imprinting, signing and welding, which represent cost and time advantages.

We transform the following materials:

Material:Band thickness:
Aluminium strip0,3–4,00 mm
Steel strip – galvanized0,4–2,00 mm
Steel strip - raw0,4–2,00 mm
Copper strip  0,8–1,50 mm
Pre-lacquering strip0,4–0,80 mm

We manufacture open profiles for construction as well as precisely rolled and at the same time welded products.
Each profile is developed and manufactures by special buyer’s demands. The palette of the products is wide and useful for different purposes. The specialties are inductively welded rolled products, at which production the cylinder lines have high-frequency welding machines integrated.

We manufacture:

  1. Profiles for construction
  2. Aluminium distant profiles for windows (thickness of the wall 0,3–0,4 mm)
  3. Aluminium round tubes (from Ø7–Ø42 mm, thickness of the wall 0,3–1,00 mm)
  4. Square and oval tubes (7,5 x 8, 12 x 18, 14 x 14, 12,5 x 59,5 mm; thickness of the wall 0,3–0,8 mm)

  5. Special profiles by client’s order (roadside railings, bed sides, vinicultural columns...)
The aluminium tubes are suitable for manufacturing of TV antennas, skiing and walking sticks, bathroom curtain-rods, deck chairs, gardening tools,…

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