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Manufacturing of wood


In the first years of company’s operation, wood processing was its only activity and today it only represents 10% of its realisation. We still perform the cutting of logs and manufacture wooden packing.

We offersawing of logs – complaisance cutting of coniferous and also soft and hard deciduous trees.

We sell the following sawed wood:

  • roofing of different dimensions – according to the order (120x140 mm, 180x180 mm, 140x140 mm, 220x240 mm, 160x160 mm, 100x140 mm, 200x220 mm, 80x160 mm) lengths from 3 to 8 m. We also assure special orders for cutting the roofing, such as cut hearts of wood and radium cut.

  • battens: 30 x 50 mm, 40 x 50 mm, 50 x 50 mm,

  • stronger laths: 50 x 60 mm, 50 x 70 mm, 50 x 80 mm, 100 x 100 mm,

  • wall-linings: 16, 20, 28 mm,

  • projecting roofs,

  • boards: 18, 24, 32 mm; I., II., III. quality,

  • planks: 48, 76 mm; I., II., III. quality.

  • We also sell wood wastes: wood shavings, sawdust, sawn edges, and trimmings.

    Manufacture of wood packing:

    We are registered members of EPAL association. The packing is manufactured from quality wood. According to the customer’s demands the wood can be artificially or naturally dehydrated or fresh. We also produce packing products in combination of plain wood with bounded, hardboard or splinter plates, as well as with other materials.

    Anodized aluminium components Types of wood packing:
  • standard EUR - EPAL palettes of dimension 800 x 1200 mm,

  • non-standard palettes,

  • linings, stronger laths,

  • boxes (different, also for truck transportation, overseas transportation)

  • diverse packing elements.

  • In case of noncertainties and difficulties at packing of your products Aha Emmi is certainly the right address. Our experts will be pleased to help you.

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