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Double modulation floors

Anodized aluminium components Our DMF enables flexibility and versatile applicability of your rooms. Shifting intermediate walls, designing of levels and different installations will be easier and financially more favourable. A wide choice of concluding lining will assure your floor the wanted aesthetic look.

Technical characteristics of DMF are as followed:
Allowed load (depending on the demolished loads):

  • even 19,4 kN/m2

  • concentrated 4,0 kN/plate

  • Electrical resistance (depending on the floor lining): 106 - 1010 Ohms

  • 30 minutes

  • 60 minutes

  • Weight per 1 m2 (depending on the height and type of material): 310 N - 400 N

    Max. gross height: 1500 mm

    Min. gross height: 120 mm

    We assure suitable a-tests for load capacity, fireproofness and electrical resistance.

    You choose your floor lining which can be PVC, linoleum, parquet, ceramics, rubber lining, textile, … and underneath we hide:
  • double-floor plate which can be either splinter or bounded plate, lower side can be lined with aluminium sheet or foil and lined with edge strip,

  • bearing construction: galvanized steel props (with a regulation possibility of +/-30 mm) and binding aluminium profiles.

  • Two combinations are possible:
    1. Bearing prop is adhering upon the concrete grounding and the aluminium “T” profiles are or are not screwed down on these props. Plates are free laid down on the bearing construction. This is especially suitable in rooms with high frequency of lifting plates.

    2. Bearing prop is free situation on the concrete grounding. The props can be either bounded together with aluminium “T” profile or not. Plates are screwed down on the bearing construction. By means of this system the high stability of double floor is assured. This is suitable for greater heights in the rooms, where the plates are not frequently lifted.
    Aluminium handle
    Owing to the customer’s desire, the bearing construction can also be grounded, and we use vacuum elevators for lifting the plates.

    For adjustment of wanted heights of rooms we mount ramps and stairs as fixed transferable performance or glued with floor lining. For ventilation we manufacture and build in perforated plates or aluminium regulating gratings of dimension 500x200 mm. Front barrages of the floor or conclusion decorative laths; decorative aluminium angle 25x15 mm, wooden profile 25x15 mm or according to customer’s demands.

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